About The Owner:


John Pizzi is a retired sergeant from the Phoenix Police Department in Phoenix, Arizona. He retired in 1994 and opened the business in Flagstaff. John has a B.S. in Education from Northern Arizona University. He also has his lifetime Arizona State Community College Certification and taught for seven years at Coconino County Community College

John conducts all investigations for clients. If there is a need for further assistance on any case, only state licensed investigations are chosen to assist.

John's forte is in the investigation of criminal incidents.   He functioned as a sergeant in the Phoenix Police Sex Crimes Unit for over three years. During that time he managed over 7000 sex related cases. This included adult rapes and child crimes. John supervised the apprehension of nine serial rapists during his time in this unit. Based on all his exposure during this time frame, he is well versed at determining suspect profiles.

John also worked in the Interal Affairs Bureau with focus on police criminal conduct.  After completing this assignment he was still used to investigate police criminal conduct and liability cases.  Other assignments included supervision of Street Crimes and Vice Crime units.  These assignments included managing surveillance, undercover investigative tactics and high risk arrest situations.  John has also consulted in areas of police use of force, police liability other first line supervisory duties.  

John's testimony in Superior Court in both Navajo and Mohave Counties has been recognized as expert testimony in the areas of police criminal investigations, investigation techniques and responsibilities as well as investigative report writing.  Working investigations from a defense standpoint has expanded his skill set.

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